The 3rd death anniversary of celebrity chef and expert Zubaida Tariq Ilyas also commonly known as “Zubida Apa” is being observed today (Monday).
Zubaida Tariq was born on 4 April 1945 in Hyderabad Deccan, British India. Her family migrated to Pakistan in 1947. They settled in Karachi, PIB Colony, where she lived with her five older sisters and 4 brothers.
Zubida Apa belongs to the country’s most prestigious literary family with a long list of services.
In contrast to his family’s writing style, she managed to fame as new and flavorful recipes for cooking.
In addition to the traditional and appetizing desi cuisine, she also mastered cooking in other countries recipes. While they were hugely popular among women because of their delicious food and useful homemade remedies.
It should be right to say that women have become experts in domestic affairs due to the innovative recipes of the foods mentioned on their television.
Renowned playwright Late Fatima Surya Bajiya was her elder sister, while poetess Zahra Nigha with unique accent also her sister and renowned writer and composer Anwar Maqsood is her brother.
Zubida Tariq passed away on 04 January 2018 in Karachi at 72, after a long ailment

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