Rawalpindi: Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major-General Babar Iftikhar addressed a press briefing in Rawalpindi on Monday to speak on a broad range of issues, including the border situation and to present an analysis of the security challenges of the past decade.

The army spokesperson said the last 10 years were a challenging time in every aspect for Pakistan, and that in 2020 alone the coronavirus pandemic and locust attack put the country’s food security and economy in danger,

On the other hand, he said there banned “organisations were being facilitated on the western border”. But, he added, despite these challenges, the state, institutions, the armed forces and intelligence agencies and most importantly the Pakistani people unitedly faced these challenges.

He said along with restoring peace in the tribal districts along the western border, socio-economic projects were also launched.

The army spokesperson said that concrete steps were taken to strengthen Pakistan’s borders with Afghanistan and Iran, adding that the security situation improved considerably as a result of successful operations against terrorism.

He said whether it was India’s designs or hybrid warfare or the internal and external challenges, the authorities “not only showed and identified [them] but also combatted them successfully and the world is recognising it too because the truth always prevails”.

DG ISPR said the Operation Raddul Fasad “consolidated the achievements of the entire decade”. He said through this operation, the terrorists’ support base, their facilitators, abettors, financiers and weapons were destroyed to a large extent.

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