Initially, Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) had announced the closure of CNG stations for three days starting January 11 in wake of the gas crisis that has gripped the country.

The duration, however, was extended and after another 24 hours delay, the gas stations reopened

Pakistan’s gas crisis will likely continue with the Dubai-based Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) backing out of its commitment to provide LNG cargo.

A report in The News said that the Emirati company had won an LNG cargo contract for delivery on February 23-24 with lowest bid at 23.4331% of Brent (equal to $11.70 per MMBTU) but in a latest communication the company said it would not be able to provide the LNG cargo to Pakistan.

The Dubai-based company’s failure to honour its commitment has come as a major blow to the federal government with the Petroleum Division in a state of shock as the development will exacerbate gas crisis in the country.

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